History of the Pinky ring


We'd like to talk to you about pinky rings. 

Part of the pinky ring’s magic has to do with it's symbolic past. During most of the 19th century, the pinky ring was worn by single men and women on the left hand to signify that they were uninterested in marriage.

In the older days of organized crime, the pinky ring was associated with mobsters and were often used to pay for the owners funeral.

Throughout the 90s many rappers favored bling pinky rings to heavy gold chains. Today, their colorful history has made pinky rings something of a modern classic—and one we just love to wear!

Our very own Épée Pinky ring is sculpted to resemble a swords blade and derives from the French´s small swords (épée de cour) witch were used as a fashion accessory; for most of the 18th century anyone with pretensions to fashion status would wear a small sword on a daily basis.